Love Letters From The '60's
Do you remember your first true romance? In a series of love letters from his first real girlfriend, Chris Miller traces a long-distance romance between two very different teenagers. Sally lived in Greenwich Village and went to a prestigious private school in Manhattan, while Chris attended public school in suburbia. Sally wrote the letters in the mid-sixties, and expressed her love and disappointments as the relationship progressed. Their romance was going strong against the background of Vietnam, the Civil Rights movement, and the Gemini space program. But like most young couples, what mattered most was when they were going to see each other next, and what they were going to do. Read the Preface!

Blood On My Briefcase
You've read books by the superstars in advertising: David Ogilvy, Mary Wells, Jerry Della Femina and others. They were all "generals" in the advertising wars. Now read about the advertising business from a "foot soldier" who spent 30 years in the trenches, fighting the battles hand-to-hand, without a platoon of assistants and a silver tea set in his office. Chris Miller describes how a raw recruit enlists on Madison Avenue, eventually becomes a client, then returns to the ad wars as agencies evolve from independent companies to the multinational giants of today. Read the Preface!